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Freight Terms

Outsize: Items are outsized if their dimensions add to more than 80 inches (length+width+height)

Dim-weight: Outsized items with little weight are eligible to be dim-weighted.  Dim-weighted items are charged at 9.77 pounds per cubic foot. The calculation is as follows: (Height x Width x Depth) / 177(measured in inches).  The dim-weight is then charged at the regular freight rate. We will charge the greater of dim-weight or outsize cost.

Refund Fee: A $25.00 fee applies to canceled or changed freight bookings.

Hazardous Materials: All hazardous materials must be declared and accompanied by a shipper’s declaration of hazardous materials form.  Common hazardous materials include:

  • Aerosols (Bug Spray, Cool Whip, Bear Spray, Spray Paint)
  • Engines / vehicles
  • Propane<
  • Paint and related materials
  • Camp Fuel
  • Gasoline
  • Batteries

If you are unsure, feel free to ask us.  Some hazardous materials cannot ship on the same flight as passengers.  We may not have scheduled flights available for "Cargo Only" materials.

 Delivery Time: Please allow 10 flights for large items such as ATV's, lumber, or furniture, and 3 flights for smaller shipments.  We cannot guarantee this, however greater than 95% of our freight arrives within this time frame once it’s paid for.

Holding Time:  We are not responsible for freight that has been delivered and left unpaid for 30 days.  If freight has been left unpaid for thirty days, it will be disposed of.  Unpaid freeze and chill freight will not be held for longer than 3 days.  This policy is due to space constraints and applies to inbound as well as outbound freight.

Delivery to Village:  If a good contact number is provided, our agent will notify you when your freight has arrived.  Our agent is not responsible for delivery.  We are not responsible for freight once it has been delivered to the airport ramp at the destination.

Size Restrictions: The door of our aircraft is 48" wide and 49" tall.  We load from the side so items that are long and wide may not "make the corner."  Also, we cannot accept items longer than 14' for schedule freight, or 16' for charter freight.

Pallets:  We typically break down pallets for shipment.  Please ensure individual pieces are appropriately packed.

Animals: Call ahead before shipping live animals to ensure next flight availability.  Animals must fit comfortably in crates and crates must be secure.  Only one dog is allowed per kennel.  The cost of shipping a kennel is dependent on its size.  Height, width, and depth are added together.  If the total is 70 inches or greater, it is considered large.  If the total is less than or equal to 40 inches, it is a small kennel.  If the total of the dimensions is between 40 and 70 inches, it is a medium.

Charters: Charter flights are available and convenient for large shipments and "Cargo Only" hazardous materials.

Baggage: Baggage must be checked in at the passenger desk the day of the flight.  Also, inbound baggage must be claimed the day of the flight.  If your plans necessitate belongings being dropped off before the day of the flight, we can accept them at our freight department.  You can request that they not fly before a specified date, however we cannot guarantee that they fly on a specific flight.  Unclaimed inbound baggage is transferred to the freight department, and the owner will have to pay the freight rate.

Damage Liability: We cannot be responsible for damage to freight/baggage that has been improperly packaged.  Some common packaging deficiencies include:

  • Lack of packaging
  • Not enough cushioning
  • Improper/missing labels (freeze, do not freeze, chill, fragile, up arrows)
  • Boxes not strong enough to hold contents
  • Boxes improperly assembled
  • Boxes unnecessarily heavy or awkward to handle

Also, some items are exceptionally perishable, and we cannot accept liability for these.  Fresh fruits and vegetables (mainly berries) may not withstand the three days we might need to store them before we can find room on a flight.  Ice cream can melt in the time it is in the aircraft.

Inspections: All shipments tendered for carraige on Wright Air Service, Inc. are subject to inspection at any time.

Please note:  - Wright Air Service does not transport money as freight, and does not accept liability for any cash sent on our airplanes.

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